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Accueil de vos locataires

During every arrival your tenants are welcomed in your housing for the delivery of keys; a protocol of arrival is set up to guarantee your tenants a reliable, punctual service, and professional.
During the delivery of keys; a check of places is made in every arrival and every exit tenant. The observations of the end of stay are transmitted to you if need be at the time of the departure of your tenants.

hôtel Key

Entretien des Lieux

A maintenance of your housing is made by our care after every departure to guarantee you the follow-up of the maintenance of your property;
And so to guarantee you a service of professional quality allowing you to welcome your next tenants in complete peace.

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Services for all your needs

At Guesty Home, we think of the needs for each of our customers.
Because the appartment rentals follow one another and because every appartment rentals is different, every need is also.
To answer it set up us we propose to you a set of services to assure you of the services "à la carte". 

Guesty Home offers you services varied and adapted according to your preferences and to every situation.
Browse, below, the list of the services which we propose.

Service de Blanchisserie

We assure you the care of the cleaning of your sheets,
Linen of bed (flat sheets, fitted sheets and pillowcases)

Bathroom linens (big towels; small towels and shower mat)
On request

The supply of the bed linen and the bathroom linen can be also assured on request

shirts pliant

That it is about your needs or about those of your tenants; a resupplying of shopping can be necessary.
Need for cleaning products or for current products to assure the rotation of the rents and the stay of your tenants, do not hesitate, ask we!


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Tailor-Made Services

The even the most exceptional ...


Reception of Craftsmen

Always available

Vue aérienne d'une maison immobilière

Monitoring of places

Serenity all year long

Cleaning of the accommodation (shoulder season)

A professional Service

Repassage avec Défroisseur

Administrative Assistance

Always available

Vérification du texte sur un document

CLASSEMENT    Touristique

Assistance & Accompagnement

Classement touristique

Découvrez les nombreux avantages

Guesty Nautique

Accueil de vos hôtes

Conciergerie Nautique

Forfait à partir de 59 Euros

Détenteur du Permis Côtier

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